Refunds & Return

RETURN POLICY provides convenience to its customers for the wrongly booked orders through the site. We have established a set of rules and regulations under which we accept returns. Subject to this policy, offers claims for product exchange and/or exchange. To apply for a product exchange, return or exchange, the buyer needs to understand the procedure below and follow the terms below under which claims will be applicable.

A return claim can only be submitted within 7 days from the time the customer receives the shipment. The request must be submitted in writing by sending an email to National holidays, regional public holidays, religious holidays and other unseen circumstances are not counted. Work will resume on the first working day after the holiday. The support team will respond accordingly to the complaint.

The original purchase order number must be mentioned in the subject line of the email. Appropriate details of the problem should be described in the email. Pictures, videos, etc. can be attached wrongly to the email as well. followed by the full name of the customer and the mobile phone number which was mentioned while ordering the device online.

Customer service personnel will instruct the customer on handling the return item(s) and assign a complaint number.

Return can be claimed in case of defective product, non-functional product or broken product upon arrival and wrong product delivered. The color, model and specification can be for the one that was originally ordered.

After the return period expires, will not accept returns.

When returning items, a copy of the voucher must be placed as proof of product purchase from

The product must be returned with the original packaging and all accessories that were provided with it.

The device has a manufacturing defect(s) such as continuous restarting, device not turning on, malfunction of pre-installed hardware or software etc. Immediately contact within 07 days of purchase.

Shipment incorrectly delivered to you will be accepted for exchange if the box is unopened and without scratches. In a scenario where a wrong order is delivered to you, will replace it immediately after informing us. An immediate replacement will be issued to the customer. If there are scratches on the box packaging, device or accessories, the exchange value will be activated. An evaluation will be conducted by prior to bid submission. Please ensure proper packaging is done before return shipping. Pictures of the finished package are emailed to avoid any conflicts.

Note: Customers will bear the shipping costs unilaterally up to if items are exchanged/returned.

Offer Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee if you want to return your device within 7 days. To return a product that does not meet the customer's expectations or requirements, a claim for a refund can be made. Please submit a request to the Customer Service Center within 7 days of receiving the shipment. The money back guarantee return policy includes the following terms:

The device must have all the original accessories that were sent with it.

All brochures and necessary packing are returned with it.

He must be in good condition and free of cuts and marks on his body.

The refund does not cover transportation charges as they were paid for delivery services.

For new factory packed machines: If the box is opened, a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from the invoice. This amount will be deducted from the invoice value. The remaining amount will be settled towards the customer.

In the event that a replacement is requested to the Support Center for another model after using it or with an open box only. Either way, the customer is responsible for paying a 25% restocking fee. The amount will be deducted from the invoice value. The remaining amount will be returned to the customer.

For used/pre-owned devices: If the device is defective or not working, replace the device to the customer.

To change opinion: If the customer changes his mind after purchasing the device:

New Product Condition: If the request is submitted before the customer's request is sent from our logistic center, a "change of mind" request for machine replacement or refund will be accepted. A 3% bank fee applies in case of refund. This is generally within 4-6 hours after placing the order or it can also depend on stock availability. In some cases, orders are processed with the same business day closing. In such cases, the duration is shortened to one hour. No guarantees are taken regarding the time taken to dispatch the shipment. Note: Please be careful before placing the order to avoid any inconvenience.

For use/pre-owned: If the change of mind request is submitted before submission