Our Guaranty

About the warranty at the mobile station store

Apple warranty at an Apple agent (Alef)


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Samsung warranty is at the authorized dealer,,

Samsung warranty We will bear the shipping and maintenance costs for you from and to the agent
in the first year

Our dear partner does not bear any costs other than waiting for good news from the store

In the event of a manufacturing defect during the second year, the customer bears the transportation cost to and from the mobile terminal store, and the mobile terminal store is borne
On your behalf, the full value of the repair at the authorized agent

Equipment covered by a two-year warranty

(Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus)

Purchased after 8/8/2021

The repair or replacement period is from 7 days to 14 working days from the arrival of the device to us

In the event that our dear partner faces any problem in receiving the warranty at Alef Store

The customer service of the mobile station store is contacted directly.

((The warranty does not cover misuse))

Repair Terms and Conditions
In-Warranty Repair Policy

Warranty for two years on the device without accessories. It is on devices (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus,)

Warranty period starts from the date of purchase

Defects and damages resulting from misuse, falling and breaking the device, shocks and scratches affecting the external body of the device, bending of the device, burns resulting from using non-original accessories or exposure to a high heat source, or damage to the device as a result of exposure are excluded from the warranty. moisture or liquids, intentional sabotage, or negligence in the periodic updating of the product’s system software, tampering with device serial numbers, deleting operating system files, malfunctions caused by viruses, use of non-genuine applications or software, or repair attempts at service centers Unauthorized maintenance including the use of non-original replacement parts or chargers, or failure to follow the usage instructions in the device manual included inside the device box.

- In the event that spare parts required for maintenance are not available, they will be provided within 14 days.

In the event that the device was sent to us due to a manufacturing defect, and after our examination, it became clear that there is no manufacturing defect and that the device is normal

The customer bears the cost of sending and returning to him + the value of the examination

- In the event that spare parts are not available or repair is not possible due to manufacturing defects, the customer’s device is replaced with a new device of the same category, taking into account the deduction of the value of scratches and bumps, if any, and the deduction of the value of consumption (the value in the purchase invoice ÷ 730 x the number of consumption days).

- The store is obligated to provide the replacement device in the same category, and if the replacement device of the same category is not available, it will be upgraded to a higher category, and the customer must pay the difference between the two categories or refund the value of the invoice in cash, taking into account the deduction of the value of scratches and bumps, if any, and the deduction of the value of the accessories if they are not available.

- In cases of upgrading or replacing the device with another category, the customer must send the original carton and accessories of the device in good condition. If the carton or accessories are not sent, the accessories will be replaced according to what is available with the customer.

Out-of-warranty repair policy

- The customer is obligated to pay 50 dirhams of disclosure fees + transportation fees to and from our office in the UAE in advance and is not completely refundable in the event of non-repair,

- Estimated repair prices outside the warranty is an estimate, and if the actual cost exceeds the estimated cost by more than 20%, the customer’s approval will be taken before starting the repair process. If the increase is 20% or less, the repair will be done without referring to the customer, whether for the same fault or other faults.

- The mobile station store has the right to ask the customer to pay the full value of the repair before it is completed, and the repair of the device will be stopped until the payment is made.

- The customer is obligated to pay the remaining amount upon receipt, if any, otherwise the device will be confiscated.

- The warranty for failure and parts that have been replaced outside the warranty is one month from the date of receiving the device by the customer.

General Terms

- The initial examination of the device is considered a preliminary examination, and the employee records the external condition of the device. In the event that we find out after the technical examination the presence of any misuse on the device such as (liquids - internal fracture - traces of opening on the device) the device will be repaired outside the warranty if possible and after the approval of the customer and considering The warranty is canceled for violating the terms of the warranty and you will be notified by a message within five working days. In the event that the device cannot be repaired due to the customer not responding within (4) working days, the device will be returned according to its condition upon receipt as much as possible.

- The customer must receive the device as soon as he is notified of the date of completion of the work. In the event that the customer is late in receiving the device for 30 days from the date of notification, the device will be disposed of in the manner the company deems appropriate without referring to the customer, and the customer is not entitled to claim his device or any compensation for whatever reasons.

Text messages, e-mails, written approvals and phone calls are considered approved means of communication with the customer.

- It is not the responsibility of the company to restore iCloud and Google Play accounts (iCloud and Google Play) and are not covered by the warranty. If the customer encounters a problem, he must refer to the concerned company directly.

- It is required to cancel the device's password, deactivate the Find my iPhone feature and the iCloud account before requesting any maintenance operation. In the event that the customer does not comply with this and this is discovered during the repair process, the repair will be stopped and the device will be returned to the customer to deactivate the feature.

- The mobile station store is not responsible for the loss of any information or software in the customer's device. Therefore, customers are advised to save the information on their devices before handing them over for maintenance.