1- Is your store reliable?
A - Yes, and we have a commercial license from the United Arab Emirates with the number (956993).
2- Is it safe to pay in your store?
A- Yes, it is safe and we use my fatoorah for digital payments
3- Are the products in your store inclusive of taxes and fees?
A- Yes, including taxes and fees, and the displayed price is the final price
4- What is the shipping company used?
C- Aramex
5- Is your store new?
A- The mobile station store has been operating for 4 years, thank God, and we are at your service
6- If I have a question, how do I contact you?
A- Via the store's WhatsApp, the direct store chat, or the store's email
7- What countries are covered by delivery?
C- All Gulf countries and countries of the world
8- Can I order from you at wholesale price?
A- Yes, from 5 devices or more, there is a special price for contacting customer service
9- Are your devices guaranteed?
A - Yes, and our devices are imported from their authorized agents, and all of our devices are guaranteed by a guarantee for a period of not less than one to two years.
10- Are the displayed devices new or used?
A - Yes, all of the exhibits are new only and in factory packaging, and we do not have a user
11- How do I get a discount code?
A - Of course, by communicating with customer service, a discount code will be provided to you
12- Can I become a commission marketer for you?
A - Yes, of course, and we are honored by you. Contact customer service and tell them that and you will be approved after providing us with the required information